Strategy for Law as an Optional Paper in UPSC CSE

This post is regarding the Strategy forLAW as an Optional subject in the UPSC Civil Service Examination. I have been fortunate to score reasonably good marks in this optional subject both times I have written the Mains exam. Just to give the readers some perspective of what is considered reasonably good for this paper, I scored 306 (Paper I: 125, Paper II: 181) in UPSC CSE 2016 and a similar score 304 (Paper I: 149, Paper II: 155) in UPSC CSE 2018 which is when I secured AIR 6.
In this post, I will be dealing with two aspects of the paper: 1.How should one decide whether to choose Law as an optional paper? 2.The paper-wise strategy for Law.
So, let’s begin with aspect 1!
Allow me to start by giving a brief background about myself. I studied Commerce (with Economics) in Class XI and XII. In college, I pursued B.A. (Hons.) Economics from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi (2012-15). This was followed by enrolling myself into a M.A. Economics course in Delhi School of E…

FAQs related to UPSC Civil Service Examination

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding UPSC Civil Service Examination
Here I have tried to make a compilation of all the questions that have been asked to me over the past two months or so, ranging from my own journey to certain philosophical aspects related to the exam and life before and after that. I feel these are certainly important so that a right approach and frame of mind is attained during the process. However, it doesn’t include the subject wise strategy for the exam; I will be coming up with that shortly.
I have divided the questions into six segments, containing aspects related to: 1.My Journey 2.General Questions related to UPSC CSE 3.Prelims related Questions 4.Mains related Questions 5.Personality Test/Interview related Questions 6.Choice of Optional Subject
1.My Journey
Q1. In how many attempts have you achieved this success? Ans. This was my 4th attempt. Earlier, in my 2nd attempt, I had secured AIR 366 in CSE 2016.

Q2. You achieved the desired success in this at…